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Reading Programs & Resources for Dyslexia & Struggling Readers 
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Reading Programs & Resources for Dyslexia & Struggling Readers
Reading Programs & Resources for Dyslexia & Struggling Readers
Orton-Gillingham Reading Programs & Resources for Dyslexia & Struggling Readers
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Blast Off to Reading! ®
for Schools

Perfect for the Resource Room for Ages 7-13

* No Training Needed *
* Easy to Use *
* Free Online Games & Tools *

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Blast Off to Reading ® is an Orton-Gillingham based reading program, which contains 50 lessons, that teach the sounds and rules for reading. This is done in a step-by-step, cumulative manner with repetition. Very little planning is needed, simply follow the lessons in the order given. The teacher's guide contains all the program instructions, the dictation word lists (for checking work), answers, and many tips that offer insights and recommendations.

Good news, NYCDOE schools, we have a vendor number!

Click here for pricing and how to order.

Why Choose this Program?

  •  Our Blast Off to Reading ®  program for the classroom is affordable. These classroom books are specially priced for higher quantities, a student copy can be as low as $13.25!

  • Large text, colorful, many images, without crowded pages. Books are 8.5" x 11", 224 pages for the student copy, and 236 pages for the Teacher's Guide.

  • Try before you buy. Download the first 5 lessons for free! Click here for the Teacher's Guide, and here for the student workbook.

  • There is no training or certification required. This alleviates a heavy burden on schools trying to make ends meet.

  • You get much more than the workbook. You get: free on-line games, free audio dictations and the free flash card app, that you can use on your Smart Board or laptop in the classroom.

  • And the fun continues. We also offer many physical games that go with our programs.

  • Not only are our programs a great buy, they are highly structured so you won't miss a thing, and very little planning is needed. Just open the book and change your students' lives!

  • Our books are so easy to use, you can easily enlist parent participation.

  • Students actually like our program! Why? Because exercises are short and sweet, and students know they're getting what they need.

  • The back cover, of both the student and teacher version, has our Phonics Reference Chart for a quick review or for the convenience of finding a sound when needed.

  • Our programs are highly effective. Others don't go all the way to the more complicated sounds, in longer words. Ours does. We make sure that everything gets taught. Don't take our word for it, read our reviews for the one-one-one version on Amazon.com.

Products Available for this Program

Flash Cards

physical flash cards for Blast Off to Reading

If you don't prefer our free online version of the flash cards, a physical set is available for purchase.
This is a set of 54, 2.5" x 3.5" coated cards (the size and quality of a regular set of poker cards).
These cards will not be collated, you will need to put them in the correct order (cards are numbered).


Phonics Reference Chart

phonics reference sheet

Laminated on card stock, this handy chart can be used for a quick review or to help find sounds when spelling.
This is also printed on the back of the workbook, however, you may find it helpful to have this handy when not using the book.


For our errata, click here.

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